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Mechanical Seal

An industrial pump is essential for any mechanical or construction operation. It needs to be working at all times, especially the seal, or else the job will fail. That is why SPM Surplus has an inventory of mechanical seals from some of the best companies around.

Durametallic, John Crane, Flowserve - you name it, we have it in stock, whether it’s a single or double cartridge seal. SPM Surplus sells parts from a list of trusted vendors and at a price that won’t drive you out of business. Because we know what is most important to our customers: functionality and affordability.

We started as a pump repair service over thirty years ago. Since then, we have grown into the most dependable service pump seller in the Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, area. Our experience and knowledge of the market is what’s kept us close with our customers, and we look forward to serving you, too.

For more information about our mechanical seals, contact SPM Surplus today.